7 Months Sober

Today marks my 7 month anniversary of sober living! 7 months…it almost feels surreal. I’m not sure why 7 months feel so significant…maybe because it’s that much closer to one year. It’s been a great day of reflection and looking back on how far I’ve come these past 7 months and how much work I’ve done. There is still a lot of work left to do…and I know it’s going to take time. One thing I’m finally starting to learn is that this is about baby steps. I can’t fix everything all at once! But, the great thing about the AA program is you work it at your own pace.

Anyways, today I’m thankful to be able to celebrate reaching another month of sobriety and having 7 months under my belt now. While it isn’t easy (I still think about drinking sometimes), things definitely are getting easier. I don’t think about drinking nearly as much as I did back in the beginning days of my sobriety. I haven’t had (knock on wood) any drinking dreams recently either – back in the beginning days of my sobriety those dreams were common!

I’m starting to open up a little bit more about my alcoholism (to those around me). I’m starting to realize I have nothing to be ashamed of. Alcoholism is a disease just like diabetes – and if I had diabetes I wouldn’t be ashamed to talk about it, so there’s no reason I should be ashamed to talk about my alcoholism either. But there’s still some people that I haven’t talked about it much with and maybe eventually I will…I don’t know.

My main struggle right now is I miss the social interaction I used to have on a very regular basis when I was drinking. I was always at the bar with a bunch of people or at a party with even more people. I’ve made several friends since starting AA, but I’m not getting out and doing anything with them (other than going to the meetings). I do meet with my sponsor once in awhile. But I’m really missing being around people like I was in my partying days. I have to figure out a way to start socializing more!

And with that I’ll end. So, until next time…


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    Hi Al K Hall! Thanks for commenting :-) And yeah, I was even looking back through my journal that I started when I started this whole AA/getting sober journey and it’s amazing to see the difference in my attitude from the beginning to now!